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Re: Timing an operation

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: Timing an operation
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 16:52:59 +0200
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Matthew_S <address@hidden> writes:

> Sorry guys, I need to take it a step further and am hitting a wall at the
> moment;
> I need to take two results (from you examples), compare them and get a final
> result.  What I have thus far is;
> operation()
> {
> echo >> $LOG
>         echo Running operation>> $LOG
>         for i in a b 
>         do
>                 mkdir $DIR/dir$i
>                 cd $DIR/dir$i
>                 date1=$SECONDS
>                 operation
>                 date2=$SECONDS
>                 interval$i=$(($date2 - $date1)) #1st & 2nd errors

If you want to set a computed variable you need to use eval.

                  eval interval$i='$(($date2 - $date1))'


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