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Bash command completion when not connected to a terminal

From: raner
Subject: Bash command completion when not connected to a terminal
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 01:31:40 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I am trying to integrate bash with a Java application, i.e. bash is started
as a process and the Java application sends data to the process's stdin and
reads data from stdout/stderr. This works reasonably well, but I am having a
problem with completion, e.g. the user pressing TAB to complete a filename.
The completion seems to work, but I do not receive the completed filename
from the shell's stdout.
For example, let's say bash is in a directory that contains only a file
named "Hello". When I open a terminal window, and type "cat He" + TAB, my
command line will read "cat Hello " after that. For my Java program that is
connected to  the bash process, I would expect that after sending "cat He" +
TAB to the process's stdin, I would receive a "llo " from stdout (i.e. the
missing part that was necessary to complete the name). However, this is not
the case; sending the TAB character does not trigger a response on bash's
stdout. However, if send a carriage return after that, bash will correctly
execute the cat command with the complete filename. So, it seems at least
internally the completion succeeded somehow; there is just no feedback.

I am running bash with -i option to force interactive mode, so that should
not be the issue. Also, I flush the OutputStream that is connected to bash's
stdin after each character; so each character is sent immediately to the
shell without any buffering in between. I suspect that it has to with the
fact that neither stdin nor stdout are actually terminal devices (isatty
would return false). I am also wondering whether this is some issue with the
$TERM variable. When I run bash in a regular window, I get $TERM="xterm";
running a bash in XEmacs shell mode (where command completion works as
expected, including feedback when pressing TAB) shows $TERM="emacs". In my
Java application I get $TERM="dtterm" (I'm using Solaris). Is there some way
to make this work by setting $TERM or by tricking bash to think that it is
connected to a terminal? Or am I misunderstanding how the completion is
supposed to work, and part of the work is actually done by the terminal and
not by the shell?

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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