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Re: Bash command completion when not connected to a terminal

From: raner
Subject: Re: Bash command completion when not connected to a terminal
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 14:57:22 -0700 (PDT)

Paul Jarc wrote:
> raner <address@hidden> wrote:
>> The completion seems to work, but I do not receive the completed filename
>> from the shell's stdout.
> It's written to stderr, not stdout.

Thanks for your reply, Paul. I'm reading stderr, too, and it doesn't show up
there either. I am wondering whether I'm not experiencing a more general
problem with the input echoing here. I tried my application under Windows
with a Cygwin bash 3.2, and I actually do receive the completion string
after a TAB was sent (on stderr, as pointed out earlier). However, I also
receive an echo of each character that was sent to the bash process (i.e.
when typing "cat He" my application actually shows "ccaatt  HHee"). On
Solaris 10 with bash 3.00.16, I get no such echo, but I don't receive the
completion string either. Clearly, the behavior that I am seeing with the
Windows bash 3.2 is preferrable; my application can easily get rid of the
echo problem by not printing out the input characters and only print out
what is echoed by bash.

I guess my new question now is, how is that echoing feature controlled in
bash? Is this just a difference between bash 3.00.16 and 3.2 (or maybe a
difference between Windows bash and Solaris bash?), or do the two shells
just happen to use slightly different default settings? Is there a way to
configure bash to echo back each character that was sent to it's stdin?

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