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Re: bash: no job control in this shell

From: JimK
Subject: Re: bash: no job control in this shell
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 05:22:19 -0700 (PDT)

Bob Proulx wrote:
>>Does this java applet set up a master-slave pty for bash's input and
>>output?  This is what the 'expect' program and similar usually do.
> Yep, I drop down into C to use openpty() to set up the master/slave and
> pass the
> file IDs back up into java.I Use input/output streams on the master side
> to interact with the applet
> and associate the slave FD to the stdin/stdout/stderr of bash which I
> invoe with -i -s
>>You would probably need "q\n" in order to get the data flushed to the
>>subprocess.  This is probably a stdio buffering issue.  When the stdio
>>library determines that the output is not a tty then the output is
>>buffered into large blocks for performance reasons.  If the output is
>>a tty then buffering is disabled.  (I can't remember if buffering is
>>off or line buffered when the output is a tty.)
> Is this all still true even if I am already using a master/slave? All
> other commands (so far) and even vi work fine, so I have not had to
> interject anything to force data to flow.

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