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Re: file name completion

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: file name completion
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 15:45:03 -0500
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Bruce Korb wrote:
I do not know if this is an obsolete feature or not,

Not as far as I can tell.

but using
GNU bash, version 2.05b.0(1)-release I can press TAB and get
file name completion on arguments like ``*abc'' when there is
only one file ending in ``abc''.  With my version at home
GNU bash, version 3.1.17(1)-release I have not figured out how
to do that.  Even after ensuring that all the common ``set -o''
and ``shopt'' options are set the same way.  Nothing I've thought
to Google for has gotten me to any explanation, so I am writing.

FWIW this seems to work for me. Other differences might be programmable completion, also by default file completion only happens on second args.

Here's my shopt and set -o in case it helps you:

$ shopt
cdable_vars     off
cdspell         off
checkhash       off
checkwinsize    off
cmdhist         on
dotglob         off
execfail        off
expand_aliases  on
extdebug        off
extglob         off
extquote        on
failglob        off
force_fignore   on
gnu_errfmt      off
histreedit      off
histappend      off
histverify      off
hostcomplete    on
huponexit       off
interactive_comments    on
lithist         off
login_shell     on
mailwarn        off
no_empty_cmd_completion off
nocaseglob      off
nullglob        off
progcomp        on
promptvars      on
restricted_shell        off
shift_verbose   off
sourcepath      on
xpg_echo        off

$ set -o
allexport       off
braceexpand     on
emacs           on
errexit         off
errtrace        off
functrace       off
hashall         on
histexpand      on
history         on
ignoreeof       off
interactive-comments    on
keyword         off
monitor         on
noclobber       off
noexec          off
noglob          off
nolog           off
notify          off
nounset         off
onecmd          off
physical        off
pipefail        off
posix           off
privileged      off
verbose         off
vi              off
xtrace          off

Sending this e-mail does not constitute endorsement of the contents; I may change my mind later.

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