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Re: Web urls cannot be accessed from Bash Terminal

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: Re: Web urls cannot be accessed from Bash Terminal
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 01:23:21 -0400
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On Tuesday 18 September 2007, Pratiksha Powar wrote:
> There was no network problem, I could access this url through my web
> browser.
> It was instead a yum configuration problem.
> There wasn't any proxy information in the yum.conf file.
> I had to add the parameters: proxy, proxy_username and proxy_password.
> It started working then.
> Please don't close any issue in such a haste next time.
> Programmers all over the world rely on your help.
> I'm a programmer myself but fairly new to linux.
> I went through some of the yum faqs but couldn't find anything useful.
> I got the solution to my problem on linux.duke.edu

regardless, it still clearly isnt a bash issue which means it isnt relevant to 
this mailing list.  i'd suggest that in the future, if you're unsure of the 
source of your troubles, you start by asking on a users mailing list for your 
distribution rather than filing bug reports.

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