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Bash with Dos File problem

From: Larry Johnson
Subject: Bash with Dos File problem
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 11:39:19 +0200


I am running GNU Bash 3.2.9(11) on a PC with Vista and using Cygwin.

For the most part everything works well.  I was installing some software that 
came with bash installation scripts.  I discovered the script failed on an 
statement "case $ARGV in" with syntax error of unexpected token 'in'.

I discovered the problem was that the script file was in Dos format with the LF 
and CR at the end of the line.  When I removed the CR (using dos2unix), the 
script worked fine. I use lots of Bash scripts in Dos format with no problems.  
It appears that it is only a problem for the "case" statement.

Is there a newer version of Bash that does not have this problem?



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