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Re: Comparison failure

From: Dave Rutherford
Subject: Re: Comparison failure
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 15:32:32 -0500

Chet Ramey wrote:
> Dave Rutherford wrote:
> > Now, "[[" isn't very well documented, so I tend not to use it,
> I'm always interested in suggestions for improving the bash documentation.
> Can you tell me what's unclear about the existing description of
> `[['?

It's probably my fault.  I just don't really understand why it exists.

I know it does one thing -- =~ -- that `test' doesn't. I've never
needed that.  The string operators ${#, %, /} are my friends.
So are awk and sed.  And bash in general, for that matter.
But if I need a regex, it's probably to do some modification,
so I'll need to do more with it than merely match it.

If `test' weren't a shell builtin but was still /bin/[, I'd be using
[[ for speed.  But it is, so I don't.

I know test's quirks.  Does [[ have quirks?  Are they the same?
Is there room in my grey matter to hold both sets of quirks
and keep them straight?

Perhaps a FAQ entry, or a part of the man page, explaining
when to use [[ and when [ would be of some help.

Best regards,

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