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Is there a Windows native port of Bash or Bourne Shell(no cygwin)?

From: Chen (陈) Jun (军)
Subject: Is there a Windows native port of Bash or Bourne Shell(no cygwin)?
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 14:01:10 +0800
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Hi, everyone,

I'm new to this list. I'd like to ask is there a Windows native port of Bash or Bourne Shell?

By saying "Windows native", I mean that this shell program does not rely on cygwin. More specifically, it has the following characteristics: * The built-in command pwd should return Windows style full path, e.g. C:/mydir , so that this path can be passed to Windows native programs without any translation to result in a valid Windows file-system path. * The path such as C:/mydir should be recognize as a absolute path instead of a relative path in every corn of the shell program. Example: if the PATH env-var contains "C:/mydir:D:/myprg", it should be recognized as C:/mydir and D:/myprg . * If the current working dir is C:/mydir , and there is abc.txt in it, the result of command [ ABC.TXT -ef c:/mydir/abc.txt ] should be true.
* Since it runs on Windows, features like job control can be omitted.

Of course, aside from mentioned above. there may be some aspect I 've neglected regarding the path representation problem.

I've been using a quite OK implementation of such Bourne Shell(sh.exe) on Windows since year 2003. It had been available from http://www.mame.net/zips/mingw-over-092.zip until October 2007. Now, that URL has been invalid, probably due to that sh.exe can not work well with Windows Vista. What' more, I cannot find source code of that sh.exe from www.mame.net, and even the binary can be found no where except from www.mame.net .

I really hope to have such a Windows native shell to make it work on Vista. If I can't find one, I would like to write one myself.

But why not use cygwin? There are several points.
* It prefers Unix style path representation, i.e. /dir1/dir2 which is not compatible with Windows native programs.
* It imposes only one instance of cygwin1.dll running inside Windows.
* It's too slow. I can feel it when I do lots of trivial file read/write.

Thank you in advance.

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