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Re: read output of process into a variable

From: Stefan Palme
Subject: Re: read output of process into a variable
Date: 30 Jan 2008 15:51:23 GMT
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Thanks for your reply.

> It is not a bug in bash.  it is just how it works.  

I know, but did not find a gnu.bash.help newsgroup :$

> do this:
>   result=""
>   while read line; do
>     extracteddata=`echo "$line" | sed -e 's/X/Y/'` result="$result
>     $extracteddata"
>   done < <(/usr/bin/output_generator)
>   /usr/bin/another_tool "$result"

Nice... ;-)
In real life even "/usr/bin/output_generator" is not only
a call to one program, but a piped command consisting of
three or four steps, which makes the whole thing unreadable
But I guess I can create and use a function containing the 
"output_generator" chain...

> BTW: I would use $() syntax instead of the backtic syntax; just easier
> to see.


Thanks and regards

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