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Re: style of assignment to variable changes command selection

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: style of assignment to variable changes command selection
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 12:53:40 -0500
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Eric Blake wrote:
Re-adding the list - I am not the bash maintainer, so keeping the list in
the loop is essential if you want any action taken.

I am the bash maintainer, so I figure my opinion will count for something.

| So there's a bug in the manual, which does not breathe a word about
| time being executed by the shell.  And the shell covers its tracks, too:

I think the manual's pretty clear about where and how time is implemented.
It's just not mentioned in the builtins section, since:

|         % builtin time
|         bash: builtin: time: not a shell builtin

it's not a builtin.

| Were I still the keeper of Unix manuals, my fix to the manual
| would be to list this wart under BUGS.

Ummm...why, exactly?  The manual accurately describes the implementation,
which conforms to the relevant standards.

A Posix implementation may provide another version of time as a separate
utility, which will accommodate your desired usage.  Even something like

#! /bin/sh
time "$@"

would suffice and allow builtins, if not pipelines, to be timed.

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