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Re: Possible eval builtin speedup?

From: Nicolas
Subject: Re: Possible eval builtin speedup?
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:15:50 +0100

Jan Schampera wrote:
> Yea, I didn't look close enough. My fault.

Ok, I found the problem: xdupmbstowcs (in file /lib/glob/xmbsrtowcs.c)
is painfully slow, because of very frequent calls to realloc. I think
this could be optimized.

Nevertheless, I don't really understand the purpose of this function.
Is it supposed to bypass a bug in mbsrtowcs (defined in wchar.h), as
said in the following commentaries?
/* xmbsrtowcs.c -- replacement function for mbsrtowcs */
/* On some locales (ex. ja_JP.sjis), mbsrtowc doesn't convert 0x5c to U<0x5c>.
   So, this function is made for converting 0x5c to U<0x5c>. */
If so, why isn't it corrected to wchar.h?


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