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cp and mv commands (copying/moving only if file does not exist, regardle

From: Darren DeHaven
Subject: cp and mv commands (copying/moving only if file does not exist, regardless of the time stamps, for use in a automatic script)
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 17:33:56 -0400
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I need the deprecated mv and cp command parameter "--reply=" to stay.

I've noticed that the parameter "--reply=no" is "deprecated"

" cp: the --reply option is deprecated; use -i or -f instead "

My issue: In a script without user input, I want to copy a file to a directory if only the file doesn't already exist, (I don't want to overwrite anything), and regardless of the time stamp.

The only way I see to do this is with the deprecated parameter:
"-i --reply=no"

"cp -i --reply=no foo bar"

This way if bar exist, then foo won't overwrite it.


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