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Re: problems with output redirection

From: Jan Schampera
Subject: Re: problems with output redirection
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 11:16:29 +0200
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Verena Alishahi wrote:

> My first script (local.sh) reads a list of worksation cluster clients
> from hosts.inp in a loop and prints some output to output.txt. In the
> loop a second script (remote.sh) is called in a ssh instruction.
> remote.sh then writes some output to the same output.txt file, but this
> output doesn't reach the output file correctly.
> Both the bash-scripts and the output file are stored on an
> NFS-Filesystem (on the workstation cluster server), so every client can
> access them.

I would expect this to fail anyways. Regardless if it worked before or
not (I guess that was more luck).

Your problem reduces (IMHO) to concurrent access to the same file
without mutual exclusion.

I didn't expect the glibberish to be in the file (the NULs), more that
the order is puzzled, but I guess that's a consequence of the NFS
stateless access method.

Just my humble opinion, I'm not an expert in this.


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