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Re: Improvement Of Bash To Support Dynamic Command Completion

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: Re: Improvement Of Bash To Support Dynamic Command Completion
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 15:13:47 -0400
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On Tuesday 08 April 2008, Soumyadip Das Mahapatra wrote:
> I (Soumyadip Das Mahapatra, India, Calcutta), being a frequent user of bash
> shell, have got it lacks an advanced feature dynamic command completion. As
> for example, latest ides ( e.g- Netbeans for Java) support dynamic
> auto-completion. We, the most frequent
> users, always like this kind of facility and now we want it to be in the
> bash shell.
> The auto-completion facility of current bash shell (use of TAB button) does
> not seem to be the most productive way.
> So, on behalf of the well wishers of bash shell, i request you to consider
> this kind of feature and kindly do some improvement of
> the most used unix shell ever.

this sort of stuff probably already exists with the bash-completion package.  
just google for "bash completion".

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