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Re: Bug with long color prompt + long command line?

From: slinkp
Subject: Re: Bug with long color prompt + long command line?
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 07:58:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Just wondering about the lack of response...

- Maybe nobody had time to look into this? (likely)

- nobody cares since it's really only a problem with the combination
of \w and color prompts?
(With \W it only happens with an artificially long directory name as
in my example.)

- Maybe this is a repeat of old thread(s)?
Well, I did find one similar thread
...which roughly went like:
- someone reports a problem with line wraps and color prompts
- everybody says "read the FAQ section E3/E5 (depending on version)"
- the original poster says "okay I've properly escaped my prompt
according to the FAQ, but there are still problems"
- no further replies.

I also found this, from 1999(!) which looks closer to my problem, with
no replies at all:

What I have not found anywhere is either a pointer to documentation
that actually fixes the problem (sorry for being redundant but the
instructions in the FAQ do *not* fix this problem), or an
acknowledgment that there is a problem in bash.


- PW

(rather than quote my entire previous post here's a link:

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