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Re: range match works incorrect

From: Jan Schampera
Subject: Re: range match works incorrect
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2008 19:14:42 +0200
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Roman Rakus wrote:

> sequence, inclusive. In other locales, a range expression has
> unspecified behavior: strictly conforming applications shall not rely on
> whether the range expression is valid, or on the set of collating
> elements matched. A range expression shall be expressed as the starting
> point and the ending point separated by a hyphen ( '-' ).
> So if I understand it well, the behavior of bash isn't bad. But there is
> question, if this behavior we would like to change or not? I think more
> predictable is glob()-like behavior then strcoll().

Okay, I have to say sorry, I didn't see that exception about the
behaviour in non_POSIX locales.

I think the rationale about it is worth to read:
(scroll down to "RE Bracket Expression")

IMHO this exception has clear historical reasons.


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