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Re: Bug on history control, don't erase no dups

From: B
Subject: Re: Bug on history control, don't erase no dups
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:42:13 -0300
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I am guessing here. Something with multiple instances of bash acessing the
history. Are duplicates checked when a bash session is closed?

I am making up and example with 2 instances, B1 and B2:

- history of B1 and B2 initially the same:
        com a
        com b
        com c

What happens if I make these actions:
- B1, com a
- B2, com a
- close B1
- close B2

Another similar example, but starting with a history with duplicates (wich is my
current problem):
        com a
        com b
        com a

Would be handled corretly?

I am in a real rush now. If you (or anyone) can't reproduce it with these ideas,
I will try to make a real example. Ideas on how to do that quickly and
effectivelly would be very appreciated! :)

Yours truly,


Chet Ramey wrote:
B wrote:


Part of my history is, righ now:

  522  cd /var/tmp/; touch z
  523  cd /var/tmp/; touch z
  524  ll
  525  ssh zabu
  526  ssh ximi
  527  ls
  528  ssh zabu
  529  ssh ximi
  530  gprolog
  531  GLOBALZS=100000
  532  gprolog --q="[test]"
  533  gprolog --q "[test]"
  534  gprolog --q "[tp]"
  535  ssh ximi

As you see, there are several repeated lines. Many of them are
commands I use
constantly. I started with a clean history. But even if not, the
should have been erased, as I understood from the manual page?

I can't reproduce this behavior.  It's possible that you can still get
duplicated lines if you are in the habit of using history -n or
history -r, but I can't duplicate it using straight command input from
the keyboard.


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