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Feature Request: LSPATH for filename completion.

From: Some Developer
Subject: Feature Request: LSPATH for filename completion.
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 14:50:09 +0530
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1. It may help if we could overload CDPATH (either as it is, or via a shopt for backward compatibility reasons) so that Filename Completion consults CDPATH also.

2. Use case.
My CDPATH is: '.:~'
I'm sitting in /tmp dir, and would like to issue an 'ls' or 'rm' on ~/foo/file-with-a-very-long-name without really saying...
 ls ~/foo/file-with-...

What I would rather like to say is...
ls foo/file-with-<TAB>

Currently, the only way I can accomplish the above is by first doing a
 cd foo
... which I think is very... boring?   :-)

3. If overloading CDPATH with this additional semantics (even via the shopt route let's say) is a big deal (for, I'm no Unix/shell guru), may I propose a new bash variable LSPATH/NAMEPATH/NMPATH/etc, which is consulted during tab-assisted filename completion?


PS: Was advised here https://groups.google.com/group/gnu.bash/browse_frm/thread/86bb04ede2078099# to send to this email address.

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