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Re: inconsistent treatment of backslash-bang

From: Lawrence D'Oliveiro
Subject: Re: inconsistent treatment of backslash-bang
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 00:46:33 +1200
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Andreas Schwab wrote:

> Lawrence D'Oliveiro writes:
>> And even with the specialness of bang turned off, it still doesn't work
>> right:
>> address@hidden:~> set +H
>> address@hidden:~> echo "hi there!"
>> hi there!
>> address@hidden:~> echo "hi there\!"
>> hi there\!
>> address@hidden:~> echo hi there!
>> hi there!
>> address@hidden:~> echo hi there\!
>> hi there!
> In which way is that wrong?

Maybe not:

address@hidden:~> set +H
address@hidden:~> echo "y"
address@hidden:~> echo "\y"
address@hidden:~> echo y
address@hidden:~> echo \y

That still leaves the issue of the discrepancy between the way bash actually
behaves, and the way it's documented to behave.

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