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\w in PS1 hopelessly confuses bash in workdir ending in \

From: dak
Subject: \w in PS1 hopelessly confuses bash in workdir ending in \
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 16:24:16 +0200 (CEST)

Configuration Information [Automatically generated, do not change]:
Machine: i486
OS: linux-gnu
Compiler: gcc
Compilation CFLAGS:  -DPROGRAM='bash' -DCONF_HOSTTYPE='i486' 
-DCONF_OSTYPE='linux-gnu' -DCONF_MACHTYPE='i486-pc-linux-gnu' 
-DCONF_VENDOR='pc' -DLOCALEDIR='/usr/share/locale' -DPACKAGE='bash' -DSHELL 
-DHAVE_CONFIG_H   -I.  -I../bash -I../bash/include -I../bash/lib   -g -O2 -Wall
uname output: Linux lisa 2.6.24-20-generic #1 SMP Mon Jul 28 13:49:52 UTC 2008 
i686 GNU/Linux
Machine Type: i486-pc-linux-gnu

Bash Version: 3.2
Patch Level: 39
Release Status: release


\w in PS1 prompt string confuses bash when ending in \

        The standard prompt setting in ubuntu is

which seems harmless enough.  However, if you do

mkdir /tmp/chaos\\ ; cd /tmp/chaos\\

the prompt display hopelessly confuses bash.  At first it displays
nothing at all, then with repeated entries of RET fragments of color
ANSI sequences appear, like

address@hidden:/tmp/xxx$ mkdir /tmp/chaos\\ ; cd /tmp/chaos\\
]0;address@hidden: /tmp/address@hidden:/tmp/chaos\$ 
]0;address@hidden: /tmp/address@hidden:/tmp/chaos\$ 


See above.



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