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Re: CDPATH reports to stdout and even non-interactively

From: Geoff Kuenning
Subject: Re: CDPATH reports to stdout and even non-interactively
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 19:11:55 -0500

> And in general, it is a bad idea to export CDPATH.  Using it in
> interactive shells as a non-environment shell variable is fine, but
> exporting it affects non-interactive shells.

There are good reasons to export CDPATH.  In particular, CDPATH is
inherited by interactive subshells.  For precisely that reason, my
startup files are careful to avoid resetting CDPATH, so that if I want
to change it and then invoke an interactive subshell I won't have to
change it a second time.

In general, it's a bad idea to assume that one's own usage patterns
match those of all other users.
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