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Re: Module systems for bash?

From: Maximillian Murphy
Subject: Re: Module systems for bash?
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 09:01:25 +0100

Dear Jon,

I seem to remember that bash does have a path that it checks for function 
definitions but a quick search didn't turn it up.  Google is not the best way 
to go because it returns far too many hits.  Looking at the bash source code is 
probably quickest.  I can't remember how it works - bash probably looks for a 
file with the same name as the function but if this is the case, why does the 
bash completion package not use it?

Most module systems require the programmer to explicitly declare that they want 
to use a module - and you can do that in shell by sourcing the appropriate file 
as you almost certainly know.  It would be neat if bash could load function 
definitions on demand. That would speed up your start times.  Eventually bash 
could unload such auto-loaded function definitions too.  How to do that without 
too much bloat will be the challenge!

Regards, Max

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