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Re: bash doesn't send SIGHUP to children

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: bash doesn't send SIGHUP to children
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 15:43:48 -0400

> Description:
>       Regradless of the huponexit setting ('shopt -s huponexit' doesn't
>         help) bash does not send SIGHUP to its children when it receives one
>         itself. Previous version of bash 3.1.17 was behaving properly
>         even with huponexit set to off
> Repeat-By:
>       launch rxvt, launch mc then close the rxvt window -> 
>       mc is still running with CPU to 100% (this is because 
>         mc tries to read from stdin while receiving EOF)
>       Closing rxvt sends SIGHUP to bash but bash doesn't send
>       SIGHUP to its children

Can you verify using a system call tracer that bash is not sending the SIGHUP?
The default bash SIGHUP signal handler resends SIGHUP to all jobs, running or
stopped, before exiting.


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