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piping output is delayed

From: martin schneebacher
Subject: piping output is delayed
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 08:18:06 +0100


i'm stuck into a strange problem. i'm piping the output of one program into a 
textfile, and with a ruby script i'm parsing it. it works fine on my laptop, 
but on the pc i need it to install the output in the file is blocked every 10 
seconds. the parser has therfore a delay of maximal 10 second which isn't ok  
for this application.

both systems are in the same setup (debian sid, same kernel, bash version 
3.2.39(1), tested with ubuntu too) and on the laptop i'm having just a delay of 
1 second. 

id would be nice if anyone has a idea or a hint where i could search. google 
didn't help me too. 


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