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Re: piping output is delayed

From: martin schneebacher
Subject: Re: piping output is delayed
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 08:29:46 +0100

> > i'm stuck into a strange problem. i'm piping the output of one
> > program into a textfile, and with a ruby script i'm parsing it.
> Did you mean redirecting to a text file?  Piping implies that there is
> a program reading from the pipe but then there wouldn't be any files
> involved.

yes. redirecting. 

> > it works fine on my laptop, but on the pc i need it to install the
> > output in the file is blocked every 10 seconds.
> That sentence didn't parse for me.  I am unable to understand it.

i have the same setup on a laptop and a desktop ps. while it works on the 
laptop the redirecting to the textfile hast a too long delay on the desktop pc 
(same dist, same binaries). 

meanwhile i found a explanation at 
i changed the main program (that one with the output) so that it writes direct 
into a textfile instead to stdout and this solves my problem. but i still don't 
know if it's possible and how i can modify the output buffer to stdout.

thanx & bye...masc.

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