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Re: not a bug report but need help

From: naruto canada
Subject: Re: not a bug report but need help
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 12:52:46 +0000

On 10/8/08, naruto canada <address@hidden> wrote:
> hi
> (I've asked on comp.unix.shell but got no real help)
> anyone have any idea on how to achieve this --
> I'm facing a very stubborn "configure" file that I spend all day try
> to modify, but to avail...
> anyway, all I need to do is to replace every call to gcc -La1 -La2 ...
> -Ib1 -Ib2 ... to
> gcc -La2 -La1 ... -Ib2 -Ib1 ... in other words, reverse the "include"
> and "library" lists.
> I can reverse lists easily by any programming language,
> but I need to intercept the commands and make changes before it's executed.
> I don't think bash has "programmable" alias.
> Also I've looked at bashdb, it's not clear it's intended purpose is
> for intercepting commands.
> (as of today, I've resolved the issue by other means. but it would be
> nice to have a feature like this to deal with stubborn packages and
> configures.)
> Thanks.

I've got a solution from the newgroup. ignore my post.

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