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Re: bash cores if nscd disabled on Solaris LDAP sasl/gssapi client

From: Serge Dussud
Subject: Re: bash cores if nscd disabled on Solaris LDAP sasl/gssapi client
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 17:34:50 +0200
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Hi Chet,

any follow-up on this ?



 From man page ld(1) (snv_99 box):

    -B direct | nodirect

        These options govern direct binding.  -B  direct  estab-
        lishes direct binding information by recording the rela-
        tionship between each symbol reference together with the
        dependency  that  provides  the definition. In addition,
        direct binding information is established  between  each
        symbol reference and an associated definition within the
        object being  created.  The  runtime  linker  uses  this
        information to search directly for a symbol in the asso-
        ciated object rather than to carry out a default  symbol

        Direct binding information can only  be  established  to
        dependencies  specified  with  the  link-edit. Thus, you
        should use the -z defs  option.  Objects  that  wish  to
        interpose  on  symbols  in  a direct binding environment
        should identify themselves as interposers  with  the  -z
        interpose  option. The use of -B direct enables -z lazy-
        load for all dependencies.

        The -B nodirect option prevents any  direct  binding  to
        the  interfaces offered by the object being created. The
        object being created can continue to  directly  bind  to
        external  interfaces by specifying the -z direct option.
        See Appendix D, Direct Bindings, in Linker and Libraries

    -z interpose

        Marks the object as an interposer. At runtime, an object
        is  identified  as  an explicit interposer if the object
        has been tagged using the -z interpose option. An expli-
        cit  interposer  is  also  established when an object is
        loaded using the LD_PRELOAD environment variable. Impli-
        cit interposition can occur because of the load order of
        objects, however, this implicit interposition is unknown
        to the runtime linker. Explicit interposition can ensure
        that interposition takes place regardless of  the  order
        in which objects are loaded. Explicit interposition also
        ensures that the runtime linker searches for symbols  in
        any  explicit  interposers  when  direct bindings are in

Could it be the explanation and a possible solution ?



If it's documented that applications on Solaris may no longer link
with their own versions of malloc, that's fine -- I can arrange things
so that bash doesn't try to use it's internal malloc on Solaris 10
and 11.


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