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From: FileGod
Subject: Bat2Bash
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 10:44:50 GMT

 I wrote a Batch File to Bash online converter (Bat2Bash) & put it on my
site today, I consider it as Alpha version since it needs more work such as
FOR & DO, it also does not know how to handle variables yet but it is
planned & I also paln on having a it handle zip will with gnu zip & unzip or
somehting like that when folks need to replace pkzip, pkunzip or pkzip25,
this should help folks migrate to Linux, I may even write a Bash2Bat
converter or maybe a Bat2Perl converter but I think there is a Bat2Perl
converter out there, I will check into it before I start a Bat2Perl
 I was going to do Bat2Bash as a compiled program & it popped in my mind to
make it a online converter so folks with any operating system could use it,
Windows usres can use Windows PowerShell, GNU Bash, or Win-Bash to run Bash
scripts, there might even be a Bash for DOS...
 I hope this help folks out there & everyone likes it even though it is a
Alpha version right now...

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