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"C-z bg" without the lurch

From: jidanni
Subject: "C-z bg" without the lurch
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 09:51:13 +0800

There are many times one has not planned ahead, and forgets the &:
$ emacs -nw important.txt #then after a half an hour of editing:
[1]+  Stopped                 emacs -nw important.txt
$ compact_disk_burner_GUI_application #forgot to add &

OK, we want to get back to emacs, but we dare not stop the
compact_disk_burner lest we ruin the burn. No not even for the split
second a "^Z bg" would take.
Sure, "next time don't use -nw", "killall -1 emacs, your file will be
in #important.txt#.
Anyway, I wish there was a way to communicate a "disown" command or
something to that shell. stty -a shows a lot of weird keys. Anyway, it
would be neat if there was a key e.g., C-y, that would "have the
effect of C-z bg, but without ever letting the job in question feel
the brief sting of being stopped.

Anyway, how could it be that the mighty bash can't let me get back to
my emacs without lurching my CD burning job, even for a split second?

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