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Re: "alt-period" (alt-.) when previous command was backgrounded with &

From: Sitaram Chamarty
Subject: Re: "alt-period" (alt-.) when previous command was backgrounded with &
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 09:57:26 +0530

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 2:22 AM, Bob Proulx <address@hidden> wrote:
> Certainly yank-last-arg (M-.,M-_) is useful but don't forget about
> yank-nth-arg (M-C-y) which yanks the first argument.  Most of the time
> that you are doing something like 'edit filename.c &' then you can use
> the still quite convenient M-C-y to paste in the filename as the first
> argument to the next command.

Cool thanks!  Tantalisingly, it also says "nth" arg, but I can't
figure out how to give it that "n" (when n != 1).  However, it seems I
can do this with M-. -- I just prefix an M-1 before the M-. (thought
my terminal does get messed up; probably because I have a very complex
bash prompt with colors and all...)

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