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Re: new features to GNU Bash

From: mika . p . makinen
Subject: Re: new features to GNU Bash
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 13:45:09 +0300 (EEST)

  I suppose I have found a new feature to Bash.
If user needs to rename a file and the file is in directory 
user needs to write command mv /home/user/a/b/c/d/e/file 
This command contains the directory written two times. so if Bash would remember
directory, it would be possible to retrieve directory from memory the second 
time it is
  That way user does not need to rewrite the same long directory again. there 
be a key combination to retrieve the directory from memory to command line.

I also have three other feature propositions.


In Bash scripts (and more generally in any programming language), there could be
a feature, which, when user presses F1 in place of a source code line, would 
in plain English what the source code line does. that would be useful for those 
are learning new programming language and need to know what a source code does.
also hard-to-find typos would be revealed this way.


There could be file system level feature, which like lsattr tells more about 
This would tell file description, which could be very long, more than 256 
File description could be read e.g. by file command.

c) file attributes could be increased to help classify huge file amounts in 
disk partitions. that way finding files would be easier if find command would be
told to search files with e.g. attribute z set. Z could be anything (e.g. 
script files, which user A has created between 1.1.2000 - 2.2.2002) and they 
could be created
by user for any purpose. single letter file attribute name (like z) and file 
description would be separate, so disk space would not be wasted. there could 
be a tool
for reading what new file attributes exist and their description.

I hope you forward these feature propositions to others.

       Mika M.


Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote [at Mon, 14 Jun 2010 03:13:48 -0400] :
>     a) if user is renaming a file in directory A and working directory is 
> different than A,
       (mv /path/file /path/renamed_file) and directory path contains many 

We don't call that a "path" -- we call it a directory name.
In GNU we use the term "path" only for a list of directories
to be searched.

It was hard for me to understand the feature you have in mind.  I
suggest you describe it in a more concrete way, and send the
suggestions directly to address@hidden

Tutustu tapahtumiin ja valokuviin kaikkialta Suomesta!

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