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RFE: 'list of vars' = split <expr> VAR

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: RFE: 'list of vars' = split <expr> VAR
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 03:29:17 -0700
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I often have situations where I want to split an existing var into
2 or more sub values.  I usually use some combination of ${VAR<#|%>[<#|%>]expr},
but as soon as I don't check my break-down, I screw it up.

Which was front/back? Did I match the correct re with the correct "truncate (or match) sense" %/#....etc. I usually get it right when
I take the time to echo it to STDOUT, making the echo redundant, but
am subject to brain-o's when I don't echo it out (Murphy hides in my
brain, waiting for me to not verify things!)

I was thinking it would be so much easier and more efficient, if I
could have two features (yeah, I guess they are two separate features).

One would be the 'split' with an "expr" to split on, and a Var.
"Expr" would usually be 1 single character, but making it an
expression would make it more flexible.

Second part was the assignment to a list of variables in the place
of an array.

a=(1 2 3) does an array assignment. I'd like to see the ability to
specify a list of recipient vars, with the last being a "catchall"
that would become an array if there were multiple values still needing
L-value locations.  I.e.:

(a b)=(1 2 3)
would assign 1 to 'a', and 'b' would become an array, with b[0]=2, b[1]=3.

Sure, I can do all these things manually with effort, but these would
simplify some common operations.

I suppose I'm presuming these features are not already implemented in
some fashion -- did I overlook them, or would they be 'new'?

If they are new, do they look useful enough to consider?


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