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Re: \c escape within $'...' can produce mangled UTF-8

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: Re: \c escape within $'...' can produce mangled UTF-8
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 16:36:29 -0400

On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 4:09 PM, Dmitry Groshev wrote:
> On 15/08/2010, Mike Frysinger wrote:
>> you might want to try being less abrasive if you expect people to help you
> It will be a cold day in the netherworld when I'll need help fixing a
> bug. So I can afford to be as "abrasive" as I wish.

well i'm glad you enjoy being a dick to other people who volunteer their time

> Reporting this bug had turned out to be quite an useless waste of
> time, however. OK, will know not to do that again.

people are always free to debate expected behavior and documentation,
but that doesnt mean you need to be an asshat just because your
opinion differs.  especially when dealing with an area that lacks
clear definition in a standard and different implementation behavior
can be justified in different contexts.

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