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Re: asking for a better way to implement this

From: Christopher Roy Bratusek
Subject: Re: asking for a better way to implement this
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 20:03:09 +0200

> > You might reinstall your OS one day, either due to hardware failure or
> > simply upgrading.  Then you might forget to build the rm alias.

... it's set by one of my applications and xrm is part of that applications 
It's rc is called from .bashrc and that sets-up the alias. 

When the app wouldn't be loaded I'll have a different (plain) prompt. With the 
loaded, I get (see attached image). so I'm not going to forget about it.

May sound strange, but trust me.

> > Or you might get a job working on Unix systems.  The systems at work will
> > not have your rm alias.

I'm not working in the IT-business. I'm forced to use that strange non-grepping,
non-Sawfish operating system from the USA at work.

> > Or you might be on a friend's computer....  You get the idea, I hope.

I'm an outside, none of my friends uses GNU/Linux (or anything similar).

As I said I know what you mean, but those 3 points aren't valid for me.

>     Or you might put it in a script, expecting to be prompted, and lose
>     files you need. Aliases are not expanded in a script.

This one is valid for me.


Where $HOME/bin contains `xrm' as a script called `rm' should do it.
(I would of course use something system-wide and adjust PATH in /etc/profile.d/)


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