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Re: Question regarding pathname expansion

From: javajo91
Subject: Re: Question regarding pathname expansion
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 10:45:24 -0700 (PDT)

Oops - never mind.

I see my error.

ls /usr* will list all files within usr & usr2 directories.

the / is needed to specify the files within.

Thank you!

javajo91 wrote:
> Morning - 
> I'm reading "Learning the bash Shell" by Newham & Rosenblatt and have a
> question regarding pathname expansion and wildcards.
> They mention that wildcards can be used as part of a pathname.
> The example they give is that if you wanted to list all the files in the
> /usr & /usr2 directories you could simply type ls /usr*.
> I understand this.
> I'm having a problem however following the logic of this statement that
> says that in order to list only the files that begin with a b&e in these
> same directories you can type this:
> ls /usr*/[be]*
> If ls /usr* already lists all files in the /usr & /usr2 directories why do
> you need a forward slash before the set containing b&e?
> thank you for any assistance!

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