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Bash History Files

From: Ajay Jain
Subject: Bash History Files
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2010 12:28:59 +0530


I use bash via Xterm. As a result I open multiple Xterm windows. When
I type commands on the shell, they get saved only for that particular
shell's history. I want to be able to collate that history, so that if
I type commands on shell 1, I can search the same in the history of
shell 2 in real time. I also want that this history be saved in a
collated manner when I exit the shells.

For example, the shell I and shell 2 should show the following:

bash> ls

bash> history
ls (from Shell 1)
history (from Shell 2)

After Relogin, Shell1:
bash> history
ls (from Shell 1)
history (from Shell 2)
history (from Shell 1)

Is there anything I could do?


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