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Re: how to workaroun 'nl' being added to input-line after 49 characters.

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: how to workaroun 'nl' being added to input-line after 49 characters....
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 10:29:19 -0800
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Bob Proulx wrote:
Linda Walsh wrote:
But anyway, something else is is awry.

Now my root prompt, instead of being red, looks like:

"\[\033[1m\]\[\033[31m\]Ishtar:root#\[\033[0m\] "


That will be due to incorrect quoting.  Which suggestion did you
implement?  There were several.

What version of bash has the \[ \] characters to keep it from
counting chars?

All of them.

Try this *exactly* as I post it.  I did test this.  It probably isn't
optimal.  But it does what you are asking.  And it is only a slight
variation from what you are currently using.

   _CRed=$(tput setaf 1)  #Red
   _CRST=$(tput sgr0)   #Reset
   _CBLD=$(tput bold)   #Bold
   [[ $UID -eq 0 ]] && {
   PS1='\[$_prompt_open\]$(pwd "$PWD")$_prompt\[$_prompt_close\] ';

I had been using the version w/single quotes:
# _CRed='\[\033[31m\]'  #Red
# _CRST='\[\033[0m\]'  #Reset
# _CBLD='\[\033[1m\]'  #Bold
Your version works better because I am slowing starting to understand.
My initial change added the above single quotes and nothing else.  You
changed the PS1 string as well.
Going from:
 PS1='${_prompt_open}$(spwd "$PWD")${_prompt_close} ';
 PS1='\[$_prompt_open\}$(spwd "$PWD")[$_prompt_close\] ';

So if I understand why the single quoted version didn't work
I'll probably understand why my final problem doesn't work (It's better!)

A string I didn't have in the example because I didn't think it pertinent, was where the 'dashed line is, above', I had:
        PUBLIC _disp_port=${DISPLAY/[^:]*:/}
Which doesn't display any hidden charcters, but no longer displays.
So what's the deal here...none of the vars-in-curls expand
but are changed to something different?
Since the above prints, (as well as the directory, and 2 character suffix ("> " or # ") print, should they also be included in the 'ignore' all chars

Answer: (Nope... am in a line with about a 28 character prompt and it wraps 
about 24 characters into the 2nd line back to the start of the 2nd line, 
overwriting itself.... looking something like:

\}home/tools/../work/src[# 2345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123
0wrap around67890123456789 ^column 0 where the 0 is

But this is very excellent...
What I don't understand is why you sub'ed in the square bracket...oh
nevermind...don't ned the curlies for simple var...oh...you did unquote the
path parth...must just be the DISPLAY part throwing it off...


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