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Question. Autocomplete paths starting with %.

From: address@hidden
Subject: Question. Autocomplete paths starting with %.
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 14:20:25 +0100


I'm not subscribed to this list so please make sure to CC me if you
want me to receive the reply.

I'd like to hack some solution based on:

but to be able to use saved bookmarks in other commands (explanation below).

So if I have a bookmark:

I could do:

$ cp xfile %webd<TAB>

and that autocomplete to:

$ cp xffile /home/dpc/www

The % signed would be similar to what bash already does for @, ~ and
$. Only this one would be for bookmarks.

I can script in Bash quite well, but I've never did anything that
fancy with completion and I don't know how to plug my function to
handle this. I understand that I should register something (function
named like _bookmarkcomp) to handle filename completion for things
beginning with %.

If you help me with this one I promise to post my solution for benefit
of other bash users.


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