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Re: vzctl enter <VEID> hangs

From: Henk van de Kamer
Subject: Re: vzctl enter <VEID> hangs
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2011 16:24:30 +0100
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> While strace shows a great deal, a stack traceback from gdb would be
> more informative.  Attach to the running bash process with gdb, and
> run the `where' command.

This is way over my head :-). I've never used gdb and although the vzctl
commands executes bash, I have no idea if and how you can isolate that
process. Also I've no idea if I can use safely gdb on a production system.

I hope someone else can help with this. If not I'll be forced to use
Bash 4.1 patchlevel 009 until something in the new code accidently gets
reversed and everything will work again. Sorry, but I'm just an user and
not a developer :-).

Is there a git or something like that available? If so I could try to
find the commit which raises the problem. May be that would help?


Henk van de Kamer
Netwerkbeheerder armorica.tk

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