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Re: vzctl enter <VEID> hangs

From: Henk van de Kamer
Subject: Re: vzctl enter <VEID> hangs
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2011 15:50:59 +0100
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> This is normal.  Readline is trying to read input.

May be normal, but then please explain why Bash 4.1 patchlevel 009 works
and Bash 4.2 patchlevel 6 don't. If I downgrade the virtual container it
works again. So the only change is Bash and until proven otherwise that
is in my humble opinion the culprit :-).

I've given a strace from both versions. It seems that something in the
code is changed around the point where the read is. However I can not
find a git or other version control system? So I can't test the
seperated patches after Bash 4.1 patclevel 9 to narrow it down for you.


Henk van de Kamer
Netwerkbeheerder armorica.tk

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