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Re: vzctl enter <VEID> hangs

From: Henk van de Kamer
Subject: Re: vzctl enter <VEID> hangs
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2011 10:24:05 +0100
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> That's not an unreasonable assumption, but it needs to be verified, and
> nobody has been able to provide solid evidence that bash is at fault.

If one thing is changing and it breaks something, it is very logical to
start the investigation there. I don't say that Bash is the fault,
because it could be that a correct change triggers a bug in another
application. But even if that is the case, it is stille the change in
Bash that could lead to the bug in the other application...

> What happens when you type something?  Does the read return and a
> command get executed?  It might be something as simple as readline not
> thinking it's supposed to echo terminal input (_rl_echoing_p) for
> some reason.

TI've tried to do some input including a return, but nothing happens.

> There are no separated patches after bash-4.1.9.  The total amount of
> change between bash-4.1 readline and bash-4.2 readline is really pretty
> small, and none of those changes seem applicable.

Pretty small? That is an understatement :-).  I've compared a bash 4.1.9
with bash 4.2.0 -- where I noticed the bug -- and that gives me an
almost 8 megabyte differential :-) between both source packages...

A lot of the changes are in documentation, but without a repository, I
can only start from a diff. And that is a pretty huge starting point :-(.


Henk van de Kamer
Netwerkbeheerder armorica.tk

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