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Re: ulimit bug

From: Sergey Zhumatiy
Subject: Re: ulimit bug
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2011 10:22:53 +0300
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Looks like you've got it all wrong.
ulimit -m operates in units of 1024 pages each:

Yes. But one page can be more than 1024. In my case - 4096. If I set ulimit -m 1024, one user can get RSS (in top) 1500 kBytes. I hit this when my server was drown in swapping, when users ulimits were set to half RAM. One user had eat all memory (as top had show) and I had check manuals (setrlimit, etc).

Man bash says: "Values are in 1024-byte increments, except for -t, which is in seconds, -p, which is in units of 512-byte blocks, and -n and -u, which are unscaled values". So I exepect -m operates "1024-bytes increments"... /etc/security/limits.conf also says "- rss - max resident set size (KB)" - not true actually.

  With respect

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