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IMPLEMENTATION [Re: Hightlighting in bash]

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: IMPLEMENTATION [Re: Hightlighting in bash]
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 12:28:15 -0800
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(03/10/2011 11:53 AM), Micah Cowan wrote:
> (03/10/2011 11:42 AM), Philip Prindeville wrote:
>> My request is simple.  Using termcap/ncurses info (which you need anyway
>> for the readline stuff), it would be nice to have the option of running
>> commands in a pseudo-tty and then bracketing the output from STDERR with
>> <highlight on>...<highlight off>.


> It wouldn't be difficult to write as a separate program, which is really
> how this should be handled. You could redirect a pipeline's STDOUT and
> STDERR to individual named pipes (FIFOs), and have a separate program
> read from both pipes, inserting highlights around any data it copies
> from the STDERR pipe.

The idea intrigued me somewhat, so I hacked up a Perl script that
attempts to do this (no guarantees of error-free code).

Find it at http://micah.cowan.name/hg/demarcate/raw-file/tip/demarcate

Set it to executable, and then try it out like:

mkfifo out
mkfifo err
<some program>  >out 2>err

Micah J. Cowan

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