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Re: vzctl enter <VEID> hangs

From: Henk van de Kamer
Subject: Re: vzctl enter <VEID> hangs
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 10:15:14 +0100
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> So vzctl is running bash in a pty and talking to it that way?

For the exact details I'll point to the OpenVZ guys :-). It is an OS
virtualization patch for the kernel. With it you can run virtual servers
 which are isolated from each other.

The vzctl enter number is used on the physical server to enter one of
the running virtual servers. From taht point you ar captured within this
 virtual server. How it is eactly done, see above :-). Unitil Bash 4.1.9
it just worked. From Bash 4.2.0 and onwards it is broken. Could be a bug
in Bash, could be a bug in the OpenVZ. Because we found it after
upgrading Bash it seems logical to start the investigation here. I've
asked in teh OpenVZ forums if someone has an solution and if needed I
wil open a bug report there...

> I'd be interested in seeing what interrupted the select/read/write/
> sigprocmask system calls in both processes.

What exactly do you want. A full strace report?

I'm trying to find the difference between 4.1.9 and 4.2.0 which causes
this behavior, but that is not simple because I don't know the order and
which differences  I must combine. So this process will take a while...


Henk van de Kamer

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