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Re: The mailing list software interfered with my content

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: The mailing list software interfered with my content
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 22:32:22 -0600
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Eric Blake wrote:
> What, me urgent? wrote:
> >In my most recent post, the mailing list software replaced the string
> >"address@hidden" for a section of code snippet!
> Not the list software, but merely the web archiver that you are
> viewing the mail in.  If you are actually subscribed to the list,
> rather than viewing a web archiver, your post came through just
> fine.  ...

And if the mangling isn't there then people complain about it not
mangling email addresses.  Personally I don't like mangling at all.
Let's face it, email addresses are useless if not known and once known
cannot be hidden.  But just the same I have experienced that people
complain vehemently if you don't mangle addresses in the web archive.
And then problems such as the above occur.  Sigh.  It is impossible to
please both sets of people.


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