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Re: how to enable thread

From: lina
Subject: Re: how to enable thread
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 21:51:09 +0800

Actually I got a bash script which contains several process (jobs)

The waiting time is so long, I mean, run one by one,

I can submit one by one separately  I can see the cores were used 100%
one by one,
but it's better use some bash script so I can easily modify in large amounts.

How can I enable thread in bash script,

like the one they did in 'make' file. I tried to understand but it's so hard,

Thanks for any further suggestions,

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 9:43 PM, Linda Walsh <address@hidden> wrote:
> a make -j will automatically try to schedule tasks on different cpu's if
> they are needed.
> Perhaps your job's weren't sufficiently long, or you didn't specify the
> makefile to be
> done in parallel.
> but try this:
> for i in {0..7};do
> (for ((j=0;j<10**6;++j)) {a=$j})&
> done
> That will run 8 loops of a million loops each in background, you should see
> all your cores busy then...   if a million loops exit too quickly make the
> 6 a 7, (i.e. 10 million loops...etc)...
> If they still don't run in parallel,
> get 'sysinternals process explorer', and make sure in your parent process
> isn't limited
> to 1 cpu...(i.e. cpu affinity != all cpus)...
> lina wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I can see when I tried to make -j 8, my 8 cores can be fully occupied.
>> I wrote a short bash script to run something, but only one core was used.
>> are there some simple way to enable thread in my bash script.
>> Thanks,

Best Regards,


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