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Re: bug? {1..3} doesnt' use IFS to separate fields

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: bug? {1..3} doesnt' use IFS to separate fields
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2011 13:32:56 -0700
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Geir Hauge wrote:
2011/7/25 Linda Walsh <address@hidden>
I know it wasn't designed this way, but it seems like it
is a bug.
The manual says nothing about brace expansion using IFS in any way, so it's
not a bug.
        I didn't say the manual said that.

        However, in expanding arrays you have the option where it does use the 

If the word is double-quoted, ${name[*]} expands to a single word with the value of each array member separated by the first character of the IFS special variable, and address@hidden expands each element of name to a sep‐
       arate word.

So it does say something about 'some patterns' inside brace expansion using IFS in
this way.

So if I say <<<$(echo "${word{1..3}[*]}" ), it might be reasonable syntax to support
such?  I.e. for IFS=/, => "word1/word2/word3"

It would seem appropriate though redundant to have
<<<"$(echo "address@hidden" ) would expand the same as "word{1..3}"
i.e. word1 word2 work3,

I don't see the usefulness in having brace expansion's behavior changed by
        Do you see any usefulness in having it for array expansion?

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