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Re: Who's the target? Was: Inline `ifdef style` debugging

From: Roger
Subject: Re: Who's the target? Was: Inline `ifdef style` debugging
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 15:12:19 -0800
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OK. I did a little tracing and found both suggestions from  Mr. Williamson
and Mr. Orr very similar.

The differences, Mr. Williamson's example is more simple.  Mr. Orr's example
sets the entire _debug function under another if/then statement.

The benefit I found with Mr. Orr's example, if the _debug function is a really
large function with multiple statements, the additional if/then would prevent
reading the large function each time, further wasting system resources.  This
being the primary goal as well.

Other then this, if the _debug function contains only a simple command, Mr.
Williamson's example should be faster because it omits Mr. Orr's additional
'else' command.

(Did I trace and add-up CPU cycles correctly?)


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