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Re: Syntax Question...

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: Syntax Question...
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 21:43:15 -0700
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` Dennis Williamson wrote:

I suspect that you are hung up on the way to do something and have
lost sight of (or failed to tell us) what it is you're *actually*
trying to do.

If what you're trying to do requires complex data structures, you're
either doing it wrong in Bash or Bash is the wrong tool. It does not,
in and of itself, mean that Bash is in some way flawed. Pliers and
wrenches have some overlap in their capabilities, but you're better
off using the one that's better suited for the task than to curse the
design of the wrong one.

We can be much more help if you provide specifics and omit *all* hyperbole.

Show some code, describe *specifically* what the starting conditions
are and what the desired *end* result is and we can fix your code.
I showed the high level plan in 4 lines....

Just that as I developed it, everything that could go wrong did, so I started writing
to check itself and have interlocks.

The latest error I got is a a simple type -- most of them probably are, with that many lines of code in ~3-4 weeks, there's bound to be -- trouble is I'm stubborn sometimes about 'punishing myself'' when I mess up...which isn't always productive! ;-)

My current snap - have been refusing to copy it over by hand as I keep thinking the script will get it. Then one more thing goes wrong. Takes almost a half an hour now to generate the diff vol @ about 3G of diff's, but rsync isn't a speed demon and it still has to compare 500G of files ...

It's not like it is impossible to debug (though it REALLY doesn't help when leaving out a semi, or a set of parens somewhere only results in "unexpected end of file at line 417...(occasionlly 1113, but problems in that file are more rare, as I more often will write code in the main file and migrate it to the 2ndary file as a function when
I have it working...).

Please show some code.
You didn't like my Short code:! that really was pretty much it!...honest...
Lemme at least fix my typo...then I'll send the 2 files...oh...ummm..

they call some subfunctions...I'll try to get the deps..ARG(not deps!!!!)

1) create snapshot
2) look for oldest active snapshot
3) rsync the diffs from the oldest snapshot compared against current to a
'diff vol'
4) create new 'static vol' sized to content on diff vol, and get rid of the
oldest active snapshot.

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